Dro Kenji Doesn’t Miss, Peep His EP “Lost In Here”

Kenji is one of those artists who aren’t even close to the peak and his genius has yet to be really recognized by the world. Yes, he’s penned some already extravagant songs, but we think this new EP will win over the masses. Lost In Here is a beautiful opus with features from DC The Don, Mike Dimes, and Jasiah. Each cut stands out and essentially stops time.

I think people underestimate how good of a singer Kenji actually is. His range is unwavering, but the imperfections never lack passion and emotion. He leaves it all on the line with cuts like “Euphoria” and “One Time” singing of broken hearts and intoxicated thoughts. “Mars” with Jasiah isn’t what we expected and I think that’s the sign of great music. That cut is airy and ambient, not exactly a common theme for this duo, but this pushes boundaries.

Lost In Here might be a metaphor for navigating the ups and downs of the industry and life alike. It seems as if this young man has a pure heart and real intentions with his art. Overall these eight cuts are yet another notch in the belt for an already unreal catalog. Kenji is a star, get acquainted below.