2Rare And Lil Rekk Link Up For The Electric New Single “Back It Up”

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2rare is one of those artists who just needed the right situation to make his music pop. But maybe it’s just been him and his energy that brings excitement to the listener each and every time. This Philly-native is extending the reach past where many locals plateau and “Cupid Remix” is essentially on its way to household name status. The bounce is infectious, the wave is carefree and it’s simply just some stupendous music to move around to.

“Back It Up” picks up as another soon-to-be smash for Rare, but this time he gets a little bit of assistance from another rising legend Lil Rekk. This instrumentation resides in the newfound Jersey rap realm, strung with poignant kicks from top to bottom. With production from our fearless leader Jake, he set up the scene to be painted by both of our protagonists in a beautifully chaotic manner. Both Rare and Rekk deliver nothing but melodic prowess, convincing a few ladies and the world alike that they’re both stars.

There are so many different variations of modern rap, but I thoroughly enjoy this one because it doesn’t take things too seriously. This style is based around having fun, as all music should be except for the really sad shit, but it energizes the fans and will improve your mood. Tap into “Back It Up” below and just wait for the mood to change at the function when this comes on.