408 Darwin’s “Shooters” Is A Cut You Need In Your Rotation

Darwin‘s ascension in music has been wild to watch, but he’s not even close to being finished. This young man possesses a variety of skills that separate him from the rest of the pack. One, his tone is unique and possesses a great deal of power. You believe what he says and never question whether he’s living it. Two, the beat selection is always pristine so the people move around a bit when they indulge. Three, he’s not here for frills or any wild antics, it’s just great music from start to finish.

With Marvy handling the beat, this driving tempo makes for a stellar canvas for Darwin to paint. You can hear the wonderful arrogance that the world loves with every passing bar. And it should be noted that this is one of the few artists of the new school who might get some applause from older generations. His rhyme pattern here isn’t overly complicated, but it still shines brightly parallel to the beat.

Will Darwin continue to run this one up, the signs are all pointing to yes and we think the state of Kentucky will thank him for the efforts. Wake up world, there’s a new star in the midst of the game and he goes by the name of 408 Darwin.