509Dume – “Nearest Star” (Single)


As his new hit single suggests, 509Dume is unworldly. The Haitian-born artist does not disappoint on his debut single “Nearest Star”. The track highlights the foundations of the legacy he has begun crafting for himself. 

How can we describe this track? “Nearest Star” is a poetic ballad made up of clever lyrics, contagious flow, and an unforgettable chorus. He perfectly encapsulates a vivid description of love, powerful enough to communicate a message that transcends our very planet. For listeners, the song is somewhat of a guide to lure your significant other out of this world; an uncertain world plagued by pandemicWith plenty already planned for his latest single and upcoming releases, 509Dume is on track to surpass even the “Nearest Star”.

“People try to compare me to other artists, but I’ve already been told I have my own lane” – 509Dume

While many upcoming artists struggle to create a lane for themselves, 509Dume has effortlessly crafted his own style. He truly offers a sound that is both unique and alternative; the future is very bright for 509Dume with his highly-anticipated upcoming single “Varsity”.

Check out his debut single “Nearest Star” here:

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