ace_neutron – AUTOPHOBiA (EP)

LA-based artist ace_neutron recently released his self-produced debut project ‘AUTOPHOBiA’. The project is a product of heartbreak, psychedelics and trap-influenced instrumentals. ace expertly blends layers of heavily auto-tuned vocal melodies with spaced out synths to provide a very cathartic listen for his fans. The intro track “TURQUOiSE” is an ode to his haters, as ace croons the lyrics “Please don’t play with me” repeatedly for the chorus. Every song on the project could’ve been made in outer space, or in 2050; utilizing psychedelic elements of sound in his instrumentals along with the extreme auto-tune experimentation, ace truly accomplishes a completely unworldly sound on his debut. Mixing, mastering, and producing the entire project, ace_neutron provides a clear and impressive first look into his psychedelic perspective, displaying undeniable creativity and potential.

Check out his song “TURQUOiSE” in our playlist!

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