AdeOnTheTrackYaDig! – ‘Ready For Takeoff’ (Album)

Ready For Takeoff AdeOnTheTrackYaDig

Atlanta artist AdeOnTheTrackYaDig! just released his debut album, ‘Ready For Takeoff’. He started making music and learning how to produce shortly after graduating high school in 2017. Ade linked up with a few key artists for this project; Reese Mane, who lent him his producer tag back in 2018, NxG, who he first collaborated with when he used one of the beats he had on his YouTube, and L4K MO, Reese’s cousin. The production, of course, is the biggest strength of this project. The wide variety of beats, ranging from pop-influenced to psychedelic trap beats, enables the artists to bring energy that is nothing less than vital.
AdeOnTheTrackYaDig had a clear goal here; to make hits. The mixing and mastering style prevalent throughout the project perfectly brings focus to the vibes Ade and the featured artists’ have created. The melodic, trap-inspired beats make this an essential listen for any fans of his.

“When I was a little kid, I was always interested in rock bands and drummers. So, when I was around eight years old, my mom signed me up for drumming classes.” – Ade on his music origins.

He’s come a long way at this point; he’s even produced a documentary for the project. His friend, Tahir Mohammed, helped to film and produce the visuals, which he seems excited about. Additionally, he has visuals out for “Problems“, the leading single for this album. Ade doesn’t plan to stop making music any time soon. This project feels like a great jumping off point for a great career. Go check it out below: