Baltimore artist ADVPTR just dropped off his self-titled debut project ‘ADVPTR’. While the 6-track EP experiments with a plethora of sounds, it is constructed mainly of heavy-hitting, fast-paced instrumentals; perfect for ADVPTR. He began his musical career playing bass in a metal band at the early age of 15. He relayed to us that his main influences include the likes of XXXTENTACION, Ski Mask the Slump God, & Jasiah, made evident in his style. The debut project consists of energetic bars, cutthroat punchlines, and impressively-fast rhyming. Specifically, the track, “I Wish You Were Dead” stands apart from the rest of the album, taking on a more alternative approach.

ADVPTR truly displays impressive versatility and artistry throughout the project; there is not a single dull moment. Speaking on ‘ADVPTR‘, he explained, “it is basically a statement of evolution. I put out an EP before this under a different stage name, but I still didn’t really have a grasp on my skills in the genre yet.” Now, he is putting all of his cards on the table with this project. His debut is meticulously thought-out, well-crafted, and refreshingly original. He isn’t trying to be anybody other than himself. Therefore, the short EP truly makes for a refreshing & enjoyable listening experience.

Check out the project here!

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