Amazayus – Austin Powers (Single)

Dallas artist Amazayus returns with his latest single, “Austin Powers”. This new track is a complete reinvention of Amazayus. His previous releases “Yams” and “Pyro” were aggressive trap bangers, while “Austin Powers” flips everything we knew about Amazayus on its’ head. He takes influence from the likes of Future and Juice WRLD, which is displayed in this somber, melodic track filled with drug references. This song is just a taste of the new Amazayus that we’re sure to see more of with his upcoming release, “Atari“.

The autotune he utilizes on the chorus is particularly notable, as the layered vocals sound like something you’d find on a Post Malone record. The positivity on this record is appreciated as well; while I love the anger and braggadocio behind his previous tracks, seeing a more introspective look into Amazayus’s life and drug-use is refreshing. Amazayus absolutely floats across the spaced-out and catchy beat, tying the whole track together into a neat package. The growth alone from his previous tracks to “Austin Powers” shows how bright of a future Amazayus has in store, especially with his project on the horizon.

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