Angvl – “Rainy Days” (Single)

Angvl Rainy Days

New York artist Angvl just released his second single, “Rainy Days“. This song is perfect for rainy days with Angvl’s melodic, melancholy delivery. Additionally, the instrumental contains subtle rain sound effects behind the gloomy, synth-like piano chords courtesy of NoahTaylorBeats. The song is very short, but it’s the kind of song you won’t just listen to once.

“My goal is to just put out something into the world I’m satisfied with, something that makes me happy but also finds a place in other peoples hearts to enjoy” – Angvl on his motivation

Angvl certainly seems like a wholesome guy; he relayed to us that he released his first track, “Moonlight” on his little brother’s birthday. It’s not easy placing him sonically; it’s clear he takes inspiration from many areas. His sound is reminiscent of the late Mac Miller, someone he cited as one of his biggest inspirations. Angvl plans to make his mark on the game and get out of his hometown, and these first tracks make for a great origin story. His upcoming mixtape ‘Broken Heart Freestyles’ drops on June 11th, so be on the lookout for that. For now, stream “Rainy Days” below: