Anti Da Menace Is In A League All His Own

This is the first time Anti is on our site and we must admit that we slept on him. With his new mixtape Legendary, we not only hear a number of strong emotions, but we never question if it’s real or not. You can hear stunning aggression in Anti‘s tone right from the get-go. Though, throughout this project, it’s like we are walking through a cornucopia of inspirations, instrumentation, and real-life experiences.

One could argue that rap in general is going through a rough patch, especially in the rappers lying about their raps department. Anti-fans won’t have to question nor worry about what will be presented to them, instead they delve in deeper to follow along. “Made Me” stands out right off the bat because of his tone bellowing with belligerence. Then a song like “Flamethrower” gives off the feeling of wanting to escape from his circumstances.

In turn, what you see up and down within this project is Anti trying to process and essentially cope with his emotions. The road is always arduous when dealing with personal trauma, but our protagonist doesn’t decide to dwindle. Instead, this kid shines bright and paves a new world for himself with these songs. If you don’t know the name Anti Da Menace by now, we think it’s time to change that.