Apollo – Leave Me Crazy (Single)

Apollo leave me crazy

Cincinnati based artist Apollo recently dropped off his latest single “Leave Me Crazy“. Featuring several infectious guitar riffs and hard-hitting 808s, he is able to shine through and create a truly relatable track. The mix is on point and really strengthens his vocal performance. The track is based on real life experiences that Apollo had to overcome while in the midst of a toxic relationship. Detailing the vicious cycles of these types of relationships, he describes how he was left with nothing but his thoughts and plenty of unanswered questions.

“My goals at the moment are just to be the best artist I can possibly be, touch on subjects and emotions that some might be afraid of or too insecure about.”  – Apollo on his goals in music.

Singing the chorus several times in the track, Apollo is hyperaware of his strengths and plays to them. He creates both a catchy and memorable track with this style of repetition, leaving listeners itching to run it back. He relayed to us that he wants to create memorable “party anthems”, but also enjoys making music for reflection and conversation. With “Leave Me Crazy“, he succeeds at doing both. The song is both perfect for turning up, but also for reflection. Apollo truly brings a versatile and refreshing voice to a game in desperate need of originality. Make sure to check out the track below and stay tuned for new releases from Apollo!

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