Best Of The UGS App: Volume 1

The UGS app is a wondrous place to gain honest feedback from fellow music lovers. The community is one of the most essential parts of keeping our psyches healthy and being able to seamlessly move to each song only heightens that. After sifting through 100-plus tracks over the past two days we found a few gems shining throughout the bunch. Though even the ones that didn’t make the cut still showed signs of potential. What I will say to those who choose to use the platform. Really listen to the songs, and I get that some may be tough to get through. But the whole point is to give other artists a chance to learn and get better. Below are five cuts that really stood out to us, and this will be a weekly thing. So keep uploading, keep reviewing and you might end up on the page.

Quan ST – Prada U!

This one was of the first reviews I did on the app, which is nuts. But Quan and Surgetnt utilized a modern sound in an impressive wave. Very melodic approaches, tweaked by a pitch correction, but the energy is there. Definitely, a great introduction for the fans to see what Quan brings to the table with this vivid production.

100ban$zae – The Face

100ban$zae floated on this smooth set of sounds entitled “The Face”. You can hear the unwavering confidence that bleeds through from start to finish. He moves like a seasoned veteran in these vocals pockets, but taps into the modern sound of the youth. To play with the inflections of tones to this degree proves this man can really rap, get hip.

bandanna$aint – Back Den

Bandanna$aint is rugged, honest, and arrogant in the best way on this cut called “Back Den”. The ominous instrumentation clicks through the night sky while $aint paints his picture. The low-quality mix of his voice is the only negative but honestly, it adds to the allure. Give this one a spin, it’s gas.

demi! – Whatchu On?

demi! has some chaos at his fingertips with “Mike Whatchu On?” and we know that’s a super strange title. But once you hit play there’s something about this cut that’s undeniably great. With hints of X and Ski, this mood forces you to move. demi! has a voice that bleeds excitement when he delivers his sermon. Really impressed with the mood we’ve been gifted with this, looking forward to more on the way.

Maxinallcool – Zac Greer – Crazy Remix

We just thought this was a super fire remix of an already popping song, so hey it’s on the list. Maxinallcool flipped Zac Greer‘s “Crazy” into a groove unlike any other. Sharp vocal chops and synths that tantalize the ear are present from top to bottom. Undeniable music is what really wins the day and that’s exactly what this is.