Blonde on Bread – “Blushing Blue” (Single)

blushing blue blonde on bread

Philadelphia-based hip hop group Blonde on Bread just released visuals for their latest single “Blushing Blue“. The collective consists of four members; Hue Hinton, Alex Snyder, Thomas King, and Truth Ingram. All four perform vocals while Hue also produces the instrumentals. Blushing Blue”, however, is performed only by Hue Hinton and Alex Snyder. The track focuses on the exploration of a new romantic relationship. Another main theme is the anxiety and feelings of insecurity associated with beginning a new relationship. This is where the title of the song comes into play; “Blushing Blue” describes both the excitement of a new relationship, as well as the anxious thoughts. Produced by Hue, the song mixes a melodic acoustic guitar and subtle, dreamy angelic choir with upbeat drums. 

The collective began their musical journey in 2018 while still in high school. At first, they would freestyle to beats Hue and Alex made. After some time, they started getting serious about recording. They relayed to us that their purpose as artists “has been to create a refreshing Hip-Hop/Pop sound blended with RnB that expresses raw emotion and our journeys as humans“. Lyrically, their music is conscious and layered. Even with their focus on lyricism, the production remains equally matched with the bars. 

Check out the visuals for “Blushing Blue” here!

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