Boston’s EastLaRoca Makes Some Noise With His Video For “1 Of 1”

In these tumultuous times of modern music, it really isn’t much of a surprise when people are searching for something different. They yearn for a refreshing take on music, but is it really the search for something new, or are they just bored of the typical? Instead of arguing about schematics, we take a look into the case of EastLaRoca and his new video for “1 Of 1”.

The setting is an outdoor walkway surrounded by foliage. Instead of basking in the glory of the scene, the frames, directed by Xandros, allow LaRoca to be the shining focus of the video. And as he should be, as the grouping of melodic bliss is astounding. Not only does he captivate the eyes and ears, but you can hear a real sense of identity when he drops his cadence.

The production was handled by LoLoTheGod and Buu, activating this auditory backdrop for the world to delve into. In the second half of this cut, we see a surprise double feature entitled “Cash App”. This one is a bit more balanced from a melodic standpoint but still showcases how EastLaRoca lays it all down. His mood is nothing like the rest of these clones and no one can stop the train once it starts moving. Until the next peep all of its glory below.