Buppy. Is Name To Know In Music, Peep His Latest “Hot b!”

Good music is good music and let’s just leave it at that. You nor your ears should be hesitant to enjoy a wide variety of genres and this is a prime example of that. Buppy. is a Utah-bred, LA-based musician who exudes energy and emotion. This is a more fun-loving offering than his last couple off the EP, Cold Nights In Hollywood. Even though the mood has changed a bit, Buppy. still delivers an eclectic offering like none other.

This cut was co-written by his woman, Greta, who is even sampled on the song as well. A real dedication of creativity and love between a couple of kids, translated into an uptempo bop. There are signs of alternative bliss, but real artistry cannot be held within the walls of basic genre. Bup‘s gentle voice is very relatable but also possesses a stellar ability to connect with the ear.

Doesn’t hurt that he got the Zane Lowe co-sign yesterday, but this cut could be the final breakthrough into the mainstream light. The ceilings are non-existent and the focus is on growing with the fans. It’s genuine, pure, and heartfelt to say the very least. “hot B!” slaps, but don’t take our word for it, have a listen below.