Destin – “Father Time” (Single)


22 year old artist Destin returns to the UGS blog with his recent release “Father Time“. Based in Corpus Christi, Texas, Destin brings a whole new sound to the South. On his latest track, the hyperpop-heavy artist looks to take a broader approach and expand on his capabilities. With a more acoustic pop instrumental, he displays his versatility while proclaiming that he will “Break down all these walls”. This single impresses me for several reasons, one being that I’ve heard Destin’s range and progression as he is not only able to experiment within the hyperpop realm, but also can provide stripped down, deep-cut tracks like this that undeniably exude raw talent. Featuring an infectious hook and dreamy guitar plucks, it’s the perfect combination of elements for him to once again shine through amongst his peers.

“Father time is the personification of time, like as if time were a person. This song is like having a dialog with father time, me asking him if all is okay and him responding with reassurance.” – Destin on the inspiration behind “Father Time

Another thing that I found impressive with the record was Destin’s ability to effectively explore the topic of time in a manner that was both memorable and not over-bearing. More simply put, I like that the song is extremely catchy while the lyrics are super deep and relatable. This is not easy to accomplish for artists; to make something that is both introspective and deep, yet simple and catchy. A lot of similar sounding songs don’t explore such existential topics, and for that reason “Father Time” truly stands out. While sonically the song may sound like a nice little tune from the outside, when you listen deeper into the lyrics, Destin is really talking about some real shit. If you haven’t yet heard of Destin, “Father Time” would be a great place to start!


Check out “Father Timehere

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