Destin – reachout (Single)

22 year old producer/singer Destin just released his new single “reachout” on all platforms. The multi-faceted artist hails from Corpus Christi, Texas, first getting his start in music at the early age of 12. However, he didn’t really begin taking his musical talents seriously until the age of 20. Now, he brings us his latest offering, “reachout“, an extremely personal deep cut. Destin’s voice bleeds through the guitar-based instrumental, as he sings about subjects such as moving away and losing people. Experimenting with elements of futuristic pop, alternative rock, and electronic music, “reachout” is both refreshing and infectious.

“My goal since the very start has been to offer a hand to those who may need to hear they are not alone.” – Destin on his goals as an artist.

Taking influence from artists such as brakence, glaive, and Zac Greer, Destin is truly a perfect fit among the upcoming hyperpop scene. With a deep and distinctive voice, Destin effortlessly stands out, crooning over minimalistic, futuristic pop-influenced instrumentals. As for what’s next for Destin, he just announced that he has plans to release a music video for “reachout“, which we’ll be eagerly awaiting. He’s been on a hot streak of dropping singles recently, and shows no signs of slowing down. We’ll also be staying on the look out for his next moves. For now, make sure to check out “reachout” below!