Destroy Lonely Finally Drops “NO STYLIST” And The World Is Pleased

Destroy Lonely - NOSTYLIST Lyrics |

Lone is an enigma of an artist and essentially so is the label he’s a part of. Opium would rather have the music cause insanity and let the fans make up their own perceptions of how great this imprint truly is. To shine with Ken, let alone Carti isn’t an easy feat, but let’s be real, this is one of the most highly anticipated projects of the past 5 years. And it’s ambitious as ever to drop 19 songs as an upcoming artist, but Lone is not typical by any means. If you have numerous archives of your unreleased and or deleted songs that are maintained by fans, you have heat at your fingertips.

Personal standouts on the project include “SWGSKOOL”, “TURNINUP” and “DANGEROUS”. The production is an obvious strong suit of this opus, though Lonely doesn’t let the beats outshine him. The only feature on here is from Ken on the final cut “Veteran” which resides in a typical rage-style production. A reason why it turns out so well is because of the authentic chemistry that their friendship brings to the music.

Overall this is a solid showing of what Lone can bring to the world. His fans already knew it, but now there’s a chance to extend the reach. Do yourself a favor and peep all of the gas below.