DownWxlf – “Wrong Turn” (Single)

DownWxlf Wrong Turn

Maryland-based artist DownWxlf just released his latest single “Wrong Turn“. Coming off the recent release of his debut project, ‘AMERICAN HEATHEN‘, DownWxlf is back with another hard-hitting track. The song is inspired by his observations, intrusive thoughts, his pagan beliefs and love for anything horror themed; the song’s bridge even contains prevalent samples of horror screams.”Wrong Turn” is an interesting listen to say the least. Comprised of heavily distorted bass, frequent kicks, dark guitar melodies and sporadic hi hat rolls, the track’s instrumental is high energy and perfect for DownWxlf to showcase his best flows.

“My overall goal is to inspire others to be themselves and to love themselves” – DownWxlf

The 33-year old artist got his start in music back in 2006 performing extreme vocals. He has come a long way since fronting metal bands, and this influence is blatant in his music today. DownWxlf first began releasing music under the moniker “DownWxlf” in 2019. Another interesting aspect of his music is his choice to stray from promoting and glorifying drug use- we loved hearing this. Especially considering the dark sounds and themes he incorporates, it was refreshing to have him tell us, “I guess my music is like an antihero among a bunch of villains.” DownWxlf has been busy creating; churning out at least one song per week. We’re excited to see which direction he takes his music. For now, check out his recent release “Wrong Turn” here: