Dyl Dion Has An Entry For Video Of The Year With “Pouring Outside”

Dyl is a soon-to-be superstar in the game and he’s putting up the numbers to match. With “Pouring Outside” turning into a real moment in his career, it might surprise you that this kid just turned 18. His tone is gentle, but the melodic appeal that Dyl brings to his songwriting is that of a seasoned success. Pairing with Tommy Bauer for magnificent frames and edits, Dyl showcases his arsenal of talents to the world.

See me, I’m a big fan of rainy days and thunderstorms alike, so this was right up my alley. Though the song stays with you so much already from a catchy level, it’s more complex than a simple tune. It basks in the idea of companionship instead of the fear of missing out. If you’re content with that person who’s the dearest to your heart, it doesn’t really matter who else is around.

Using the harsh weather as an excuse will do the trick, but truly this cut will run through your cortex for a number of years hereafter. Dyl Dion is slowly but surely becoming one of those artists to follow and really grow with. It’s really that exciting watching an artist blow away expectations and continue to pave his own path. Get hip to Dyl below.