E The Profit Doesn’t Miss, Peep His Latest Video For “Watch”

There are a few artists who catch the ear of the industry and fans alike, especially in this grand scheme of music. But both take time and don’t come about without real talents. E The Profit doesn’t have a ton of music out, but his style strives past any amateur conversations. The video for “Watch” makes the doubters rethink their opinions and throw negativity to the wayside.

With the direction from CreativeFlow, we see E in a number of settings that dwell in a grayish space. What this director does with not only the shots but the composition of each frame, separates him from the pack. It allows E to find comfort in the space and know the art will be translated in the correct manner. Now, this isn’t the only deadly combination when it comes to talents here. Rocco and E have created countless cuts filled with energy to save the day and both continue to develop together as creatives.

E is in it for the long haul and will continue to make strides regardless of what the critics may think. In a game full of clones, he decides to stand alone. Get hip to one of the best names in the underground.