EastLaRoca Is Putting On For Massachusetts, Peep His Latest Video For “Addicted”

EastLaRoca was on the radar a few months back, but he returns with an emotional mood called “Addicted”. Traveling to NYC to shoot this one, we see LaRoca is the finest of linens exploring the streets. Though it doesn’t seem like he’s searching for anything in particular, this time of reflection is seeking some clarity. The edits he switches from each side of the bench give off symbolism. It feels like these emotions are pulling at LaRoca, to the point where he feels torn. The subtle hints move the viewer even more because of the further translation of his art from auditory to visual.

With direction from TyVision, we see our protagonist in the middle of a heartbreaking turmoil. The addiction to his significant other and their issues is hard to comprehend. “So why you got control of me?” is sung with such brash emotion, you feel it come through the screen. LaRoca makes a lot of his music sound effortless, but you can tell he took his time penning this track. This is unlike the majority of other “rappers” pushing music these days. Real authentic feelings will connect with the people instead of braggadocious flexes about monetary gain. “Addicted” is as real as it gets, watch it in its entirety.