Eli Jones – “Caller ID” (Single)

Eli Jones

California artist Eli Jones just released his latest single “Caller ID“. The song features some incredible psychedelic synth lines with hard-hitting production. The smooth instrumental is perfect for Jones to display the depth of his lyricism. Jones‘ lays down nonchalant verses along with an infectious hook, relaying that he doesn’t need caller ID because “unless it’s money on the line”, he’s not picking up the phone.

 “I’m ultimately trying to learn about my unknowns through his art” – Eli Jones on his drive

Compared to the other singles Eli has put out this year, “Caller ID” is both a showcase of diversity and is most likely his strongest effort to date. The west-coast inspired track is perfect for riding around in the summer with the windows down. You can hear clear influences from artists such as Kendrick Lamar or Andre 3000 on this track. However, Eli Jones provides his own sound entirely. He relayed to us that he plans to release his debut project later in the year, but for now check out the music video for “Caller ID” below:
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