Goe – “TOKYO” (Single)


Los Angeles artist Goe released visuals for his new song “TOKYO” off his latest EP ‘Out the Way‘. Utilizing a well-known sample by the French band Cortex, the beat features bouncy trap drums and a hard 808 pattern. On “TOKYO“, Goe finds a pocket to work in for the short runtime of this song and uses it to flex in an interesting way. Goe’s vocal performance is captivating but doesn’t draw away from the excellent production; he truly fits perfectly on this beat.

Goe started taking music seriously after the death of his father and hasn’t stopped since. Although he’s expanded his ventures from music into fashion and other creative exploits, with the help of his label Unitedthrumusic, music has been his top priority since he started in 2015. With infectious hooks and bars like the ones on “TOKYO“, there’s no need to wonder why. Check out the visuals below as well of the rest of his excellent catalogue: