Greg Penaranda – “satan left a hickey on my neck”

Greg Penaranda

New Jersey artist Greg Penaranda just dropped his new track “satan left a hickey on my neck“. The song features a melodic, emo-rock instrumental with heart-wrenching piano and guitar chords to back an impressive vocal performance. Penaranda relays his experiences of being in a toxic relationship. After being in a relationship for so long, not only do you become used to it, you become addicted. “satan left a hickey on my neck” is an incredible showcase of Penaranda’s versatility, considering the bars-based tracks he’s been dropping earlier this year.

“I was listening to a lot of Soundcloud gems in terms of the cadences and flows. Once Maji Beats sent me this beat, I knew I had to approach it differently.” – Penaranda on his inspiration for this track

From listening to X and other Soundcloud-related artists, Penaranda was really able to branch out stylistically and shine on a track like this. With every track he releases, we’re further able to watch the evolution and improvement of his sound. After hearing his new track, we look forward to see where Penaranda takes his music next. If this is the direction he decides to go, we anticipate he’ll be very successful. Watch the music video for “satan left a hickey on my neck” below!