Heath240 Continues To Impress With His Latest Single “License Plate”

Heath is Florida-based now, but his talents grew and flourished in Massachusetts. Though you don’t really hear the traditional FL sound in his music, instead it’s a pop wave with a ceiling nowhere in sight. In this DIY, behind-the-scenes style video we see Heath and a few friends prep for a show in NYC. You might see some familiar faces in there, but there is an abundance of talent present in this friend group.

As the frames begin to move we hear the light riff of a guitar meld with a steady percussive tempo. Then Heath steps in to deliver his honest and fun-loving approach to music. It’s great when artists incorporate these looks into what their shows are like. And going to NYC, throwing a show, and packing that bitch out when you’re not from the city is impressive, to say the least. Heath doesn’t seem to have fear of putting out his art, instead, he just lets it fly with precision.

As his grill shines bright for the world to see, are we really surprised that this one is stuck in your head after one listens? No. It couldn’t be a surprise because this is just great music, simple and plain. Introduce yourself to Heath240 below.