Henri – ‘Hourglass’ (Album)

henri hourglass

Alabama-based artist Henri just released his first studio album ‘Hourglass‘. Henri was born in Germany and has been making music for roughly 5 years now. He started making lo-fi hip-hop instrumentals before eventually falling in love with writing his own raps. ‘Hourglass‘ is his first project that he did not engineer and record himself. He found his haven at Fantom Airwaves Studio in Harvest, Alabama, and instantly connected with his engineer Stephen ‘PR’ Kane. There are many hidden meanings throughout the project, but the main theme is moving past his need to prove himself to other people. Instead of putting energy into worrying about impressing his peers he knows his purpose is to make the best music he possibly can.

The project boasts psychedelic influences while still portraying a clear message. “Don’t Trip” perfectly encompasses the project’s message as he proclaims his growth from worrying about what others’ think. The instrumentation and mix are both intricate and calculated. Henri’s style is reminiscent of Mac Miller; versatile, bouncy, and introspective. The album contains a healthy mix of vibes and flows that enable a truly smooth and enjoyable listening experience.

“I will never stop making music, as It’s really this or death” -Henri

Henri’s motivation for being an artist is knowing that he can connect with and help people who struggle with mental health issues. He wants his listeners to feel like they have somebody they can relate to. Henri feels that it’s his duty to share his story and inspire the artists who will come after him. Music is what keeps him going, and his passion for it keeps him alive. Music is his motivation.

Along with the release of ‘Hourglass‘, Henri has music videos for “Don’t Trip“, “Don’t Wanna Stay Here“, and “No Calls When I’m Rich” dropping within the next two months. He also has plans to release a project over the summer.

For now, listen to the full project here:

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