Herb4k Is Making A Name For Himself With “40 Min (20 Min Remix)”

Herb4k is a name to get hipped to and he has the world going up to his “20 Min Remix” aptly titled “40 Min”. Yeah, the flip is obviously incredibly recognizable but it does Uzi and his work justice to a tee. Herb is a modernized maestro coming out of St. Louis and his sound doesn’t really reflect what would come out of the city. With production from Dynox, this instrumentation is a slight flip but differentiates itself enough from the original.

The song has 425K on SoundCloud so it’s only right that they add to the momentum by gifting us some visuals. Karlwithak took Herb and his friends to the Hidden Hills of Los Angeles to ensure a cinematic experience. With some clean interiors and panoramic shots of the scenery, we have around a minute and a half to enjoy this from start to finish.

Herb bends the realms of genres with a subtle, pitch-corrected tone. He can gift wondrous melodies for a more heartfelt wave, or flex the range of a rap driven smash. Confidence is always in abundance when it comes to Herb‘s sound so you won’t have to worry about delivery. The buzz is there and so is the talent, so peep all of this gas below.