Highconic – ‘Evil Twins’ (EP)


NY-based music collective HIGHCONIC just released their latest EP ‘Evil Twins‘. The group consists of five members, Ris Gee, K Free, Roscoe, Dave Life and producer Billy Henry. ‘Evil Twins‘ was dropped under the HIGHCONIC collective, however, the project was created by Ris and Billy. The concept came about as the pair look alike, act alike and share similar interests. More importantly, they truly act like brothers. The EP is hard-hitting beats, punchlines and detailed storytelling. Filled with jazzy samples and intricate chops, the production shines through while Ris does his thing. Specifically, the beats on “JayZ or Crazy” and “Timeless” are especially infectious.

“I listened to your raps, and you lack imagination” – HIGHCONIC on “JayZ or Crazy

One thing that the group excels at is originality; they have crafted their own sound. The project is natural and effortless. HIGHCONIC began making music in 2017 at Binghamton University while recording to YouTube beats. The original members are Ris Gee and K FreeRoscoe and Dave Life are also life long friends who had their own rap group, but disbanded to join HIGHCONIC in early 2019. Lastly, Billy joined that same summer. The group is constantly dropping new music and content; whether it be collab projects, music videos, or skits. Make sure to check out the project and follow them for more!