I’m Dru! – “GIVE ME THE TITLE NOW” (Single)

I'm Dru

I’m Dru! just released his latest single “GIVE ME THE TITLE NOW” on all platforms. The song features a psychedelic, mesmerizing piano melody accompanied with heavy bass, fast flows, and catchy delivery. I can’t understate how much Dru goes off on this one. The vocals are immaculate. Likewise, the production assist from Segull Beats sets him up for a slam dunk.

“My goal is to give back to as many people as possible and spread the messages of my music to people around the world. I am all about spreading love and positivity. If I can change atleast one life through my music then that makes me feel like a superhero.” – I’m Dru! on his goals.

With motivation like that it’s impossible not to root for Dru, and with songs like this he’ll be taking over soon. However, Dru has been on our radar consistently dropping music for a few months now and shows no signs of slowing up. Above all, make sure to go stream the incredibly enjoyable “GIVE ME THE TITLE NOW‘ and check out his other work while you’re at it.
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