Joey Perccz – ‘Love Hurts, Drugged Off Perccz’ (Album)

Chicago-based artist Joey Perccz has a lot planned for this year; he just released an album ‘Love Hurts, Drugged Off Perccz‘, and has a small EP dropping on Valentine’s Day. LHDOP features a collaboration with 8matiklogan and he also tapped in with MorganGold for his Valentine’s Day EP. Both artists are huge inspirations for Joey. He’s so excited to be working and growing with such like minded individuals with the same values as himself.

This album is inspired by everyday life; the temporariness of every moment, thoughts of the future, the process of the journey, the growing, breaking and everything that makes you, your true self. With a very optimistic mindset toward achieving his goal, persevering and making everyday the best it can be or better than the day before he is showcasing his transformation in this album. His favorite release called “Alone” was written during a period of reflection upon his life in 2020. The song is about being in a room filled with people, yet still feeling alone. He was going through a really tough time and it was incomprehensible for him to understand due to how lost he felt. However in writing “Alone” he found what really matters most to him in life, making the process a truly magical moment.

“It doesn’t matter how long someone lives in this world, but rather the impact someone makes on people’s lives while being alive.” – Joey Perccz

The 20 year old has been writing music since fifth grade, but just recently started getting seriously invested. Joey has two very special influences for making his music; his two very close friends that passed away last year. They each represented both of Joey’s personalities; the dark side and the one who brings light to every situation no matter the circumstance. One, like Joey, shared the same struggles of anxiety, having a negative consciousness, and hard times during adolescence. His other friend radiated positivity and happiness, he was always smiling, reminding Joey of his old self. Jon and Jimmy help him with his peace and sanity even though they are no longer with him. Upon gaining these angels, Joey believes that it doesn’t matter how long someone lives in this world, but rather the impact someone makes on people’s lives while being alive.


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