Joony Drops Off His Incredible New Project Called “Pretty In Black”

Pretty In Black.png

Joony is one of the best artists coming out of the DMV area in general, but it really comes down to his infectious varietals of styling. On Pretty In Black we hear his top-tier cadences over just about any type of instrumentation a fan could fiend for. Of course “Drifting In Tokyo” started things off the right way but it’s the rest of the music that wins us all over.

Jordan Ward and Lily Rayne are the only two features on here, but that’s just adding more rising stars to the already pristine mix. Rayne is about to make a run over the next few months with her unconventional aerated tones. This pairs incredibly well with Joony and this poignant percussion.

Some might feel like this project is all over the place, but that’s the kind of organized chaos that this young man procures. The beat on “On Dat Shit” is the subtle pocket that inspires our main character to paint the sky. “High As Me” might be a personal favorite off of the project because you can hear the intoxication and honesty in his vocals. A theme throughout this entire opus should be the fact that all of this seems effortless to Joony. He can float over whatever is passed his way and the industry is starting to take notice. His music and wave all together are just simply cooler than the rest of these wannabees. Do yourself a favor and don’t miss this plane.