Joony Takes Us Overseas In His Visuals For “Drifting In Tokyo”


It’s amazing to see artists who continue to push the envelope years into their development. And it’s truly a shame when artists become too stagnant in their respective lanes, instead of continuing their growth creatively. This is never the case for Joony because he can turn any style on its head and the unexpected is always around the corner.

Drifting In Tokyo possesses an 80’s inspired set of percussion and lush synths that paint the sky in wondrous ways. Though Joony doesn’t fold or fret, he creates a pocket that is filled with pristine confidence. In these vivid scenes, we are blessed with bright lights, crisp edits, and settings you wouldn’t see in the average rap video. With direction from ethnivrsn and edits from trentmunson, all that is really in front of your eyes is cinematic bliss.

Yes, Joony still dons designer linens, always playing the fashion-forward role, but this auditory approach is something incredibly special as well. Him being able to flex this comfortability on such a different type of instrumentation is something most artists could never fathom. We have a strange feeling this young man isn’t even close to letting up soon, but in the meantime peep this gas below.