Juice WRLD x Young Thug – Bad Boy (Single)

Late Chicago rapper Juice WRLD finally released his highly anticipated single “Bad Boy” featuring Young Thug. The pair adds to their growing catalogue of collaborations with the new Pi’erre Bourne-produced track. The rock-influenced instrumental truly brings out the best of Juice WRLD as he masterfully explores common themes of heartlessness and recklessness. The complementary duo effortlessly lay down lively verses with references to the film “Bad Boys” starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

The Cole Bennett-directed visuals fit hand and hand with the songs’ themes of fearlessness and savagery. The new video is reportedly the last music video Juice WRLD filmed before his untimely death in late 2019. Juice and Thug ride through the streets before meeting a group with painted faces to obscure their identity. The visuals come to an abrupt and eerie ending as Young Thug pours a ring of gasoline on the ground and proceeds to light it, engulfing the painted-faced individuals in flames while the duo nonchalantly walks away from the destruction behind them. 

The “Bad Boy” visuals are live now on Lyrical Lemonade’s channel on YouTube and the song is out now on all platforms! Check it out below! 

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