K. Charles Has Heat At His Fingertips With The New Project “LFC”

There are a few Florida artists who have the ability to make great regional music, but also great music to live past the borders of the state. K.Charles is one of those artists and he gifts the world his new project called LFC. Now, this stands for “Live From The Crowd” because if you have seen any of his performances you will understand where this name comes from.

This man lives in the pit, touches the people, and gives them a real experience to leave with once he’s off the stage. Instead of sitting far away from his fans and RL festival-goers, K would prefer for them to get their money’s worth when watching this rising star. Now into the music at hand. In sixteen cuts we hear blissful arrogance, melded with precise cadences. The beat selection keeps the ear enticed right from the jump, but the flows are what steal the spotlight.

On cuts like “Party Starter” and “Moody” he dives into melodic waves, but balances out the brilliance of the rage from “Roger Rager” and the pop-prestige of “I’M ON Tv”. You really can’t say too much more other than the fact that K came to play and he’s not slowing down anytime soon. Get to know K. Charles and his futuristic sounds below.