KanKan Snaps On His Latest EP “BFWG2”


Kan is one of those names in the underground that has a bit of darkness surrounding him. Quite literally we think this man is here to get paid, make music, and get fried, but his sound doesn’t ever dwindle in the slightest. From his work in the Slay World realm, it truly seems as if KanKan is budding into a bigger star than some of his underground counterparts. The vlog with Lucki rattled the fans and build some stellar hype behind the upcoming collab, but really I don’t think this man ever needed assistance.

To be able to make your beats and build your vocals into a catalog like he has, it’s pretty astounding. Alongside the fact that he has one of the biggest songs from the Underground with “Woke Up”. B4W2G  is a brief check-in to gift the fans a bit of gas for their summer. In just five cuts we hear the usual Kan, just on steroids and whatever substance he pleases on top of that.

“Don’t @ me” might be my personal favorite because of the incredibly colorful production. Kan does a wonderful job of finding the pocket on instrumentation and residing within it. This one is a solid drop, get all acquainted below.