Karen. – “2x” (Single)


Pennsylvania-based artist Karen. just released her latest single “2x”. The dream pop-influenced instrumental is both simplistic and catchy. Made up of a smooth synth melody and bouncy¬†drums, the beat creates a perfect canvas for Karen. to shine, embodying the “Strawberry Girl” character. The vocal performance is reminiscent of Ariana Grande and is extremely impressive as she displays her wide range without straining her voice much. Interestingly enough, she also relayed to us that Ariana Grande is one of her biggest inspirations.

“I was also inspired by astrology if that’s not obvious. I always thought it’d be cool to make a song about astrology since it’s something I was interested in so “2x” was just bound to happen eventually.” – Karen. on her inspirations for this song

“2x” is a pop anthem; that much is clear. The amount of time and effort¬†Karen. dedicates to her craft is clear through her music and visuals. She truly displays bountiful potential through her incredible vocals, instrumental selection, and visual direction. We’re very much looking forward to future releases by Karen. For now, make sure to watch the visuals for her new single “2x” below!

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