Ken Car$on Brings The Chaos With His Visuals For “The End”

Ken is dropping this week and I think the world is pretty excited about it. “The End” carries on with the traditionally colorful production that Ken consistently chooses. If this is the theme Car$on is choosing, the rage energy will never dissipate from his wave. While Ken tells the listener of his love gone awry, he questions why he and his lover couldn’t hold it together. Of course, with any heartbreak, you begin to question everything that went down in the relationship. I feel as if the symbolism in the video showing Ken riding a bike around the mall in circles doesn’t allow for an escape from his mental terror.

Ken has a lot of wondrous attributes for an artist. His energy is contagious, and his live show is respected. A lot of these young kids are trying to establish themselves as bigger than just rappers. Being a great performer goes hand in hand with being great. From the stage to how he presents his videos, Car$on’s attention to detail always gets brought to the light.

These frames were directed by Oliver Shore and Kevin Von Puttkammer. Car$on had a special message for the fans to enjoy the video in the right way.

set_iphone_to_classic_invert_and_rewatch thank_me_later X_Friday 🙂 ” –Ken Carson

X will be upon us when the clock strikes midnight in 48 hours, so prepare yourself for one of the best projects to drop this year.