Laivy Is A Name To Know In 2023

In the midst of a world where we pass on music week by week, there are some songs that stand out. On the other hand, there are thousands that are washed away with the masses to never be revisited again. So now more than ever, you have to leave it all on the table if you’re a modern artist. No pressure, but this game isn’t for the faint of heart.

Laivy knows this and isn’t worried in the slightest. “Snow Days” is a poignant bop designed to make you move a bit. Essentially it’s a balancing act between the remainder of frigid nights and a scorching batch of heat to leave with. Laivy is the son of Matisyahu, so music runs through his veins. Though his talent and pen shine brightly cutting through monotony with every croon, it seems as if this all feels so effortless.

The pop realm is a whole separate entity to explore, but the ceiling is much higher, even if there is one at all. Laivy has a chance to make some real noise with his gifts and “Snow Days” is a great introduction to the world watching. Word has it that there is an EP on the way in the Spring, but give this one a chance below.