LAZ – ‘Water + Juice’ (EP)

Paris, France-based artist LAZ just dropped his new project ‘Water+Juice’. The album blends elements of hip hop, alternative rock & bedroom pop. Each song is more unique than the last. The 22-year old artist is surprisingly versatile across the project. The transition from “Infatuation” into “Water Flows Here” into “Want From Me” is especially impressive. It’s also interesting to examine LAZ’s lyrical breakdown as he showcases his bilingual abilities. While the EP is mostly in English, he mixes in French lyrics to provide a truly unique vibe.

The project is an extremely enjoyable listen all around. Each song takes you on a journey across melodic experimentation and frequent, but subtle beat changes. The 6-track album focuses on themes of devotion, infatuation and heartbreak. LAZ pinpoints his sound on the project. His biggest influences include artists such as Isaiah Rashad, Frank Ocean, & Erykah Badu. These influences are clear on ‘Water+Juice’. We thoroughly enjoyed the artistry displayed across the album, and recommend you check it out!

Listen to the full EP here!

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