Lil Gzy – ’99 OVERALL’ (Mixtape)

lil gzy 99 overall

I’m telling you right now, Lil Gzy is next up in the scene. The 18-year old rapper hailing from Houston, Texas is just such an unmissable prospect. Following up from his debut project ‘Lone Wolf’ released in July of 2020. Lil Gzy’s 2K inspired sophomore mixtape ‘99 OVERALL‘ brings such a refresh to the current trap scene. Whether it’s chill background music or something to bump at a party, ‘99 OVERALL‘ has so many layers across its’ 26-minute run time.

“My goal is to share my music & style to the world and let them enjoy my vibe. My passion is music.” – Lil Gzy

Lil Gzy started recording music on his iPhone 7 in a truck and posted his songs on SoundCloud. Since the projects’ release on major streaming platforms last December, ‘99 OVERALL‘ has racked up over 30,000 streams and is constantly growing. Thus far, ‘99 OVERALL‘ has surpassed all of Gzy’s previous streaming records. With it comes his most popular song to this date, “A-Team“, a trap-heavy banger. Gzy is honestly such an underground gem, it’s only up from here for the 18 year old straight outta Houston.

Be sure to go and stream Lil Gzy’s99 OVERALL’, available on all major streaming platforms now! Check it out here!