Lil Yachty’s Vibrato Could Be The Thing That Saves Us All

It’s great to be a part of social media on a very rare occasion, but the unveiling aka the leaking of “Poland” made things a bit sweeter for the past 24 hours. Yachty pairing with F1lthy yet again is a great look for the fans and the world alike, but what stuck out was the faint quiver in Boat‘s tone. The attention to detail is something that one should never turn away from and this man backs down in the face of danger.

The ability to stand out in a room full of artists with no real identity is tough. And for the longest time, Yachty got yelled at by countless old heads about real quote-un-quote hip-hop. Fast forward a few years later and this man is still the people’s champ. He can gift the Cloud rap of tomorrow or go to Michigan and do a whole tape with the entire state.

These melodic approaches turn instrumentals into classics to be enjoyed for decades to come. And Yachty created a real moment with this one after having to deal with the hackers of the interwebs. So dust yourself off Boat, the world loves you and you have delivered yet again. But a bigger question we need to ask is how weak the Polish Customs are because Wok is not easy to stash. But yet again it’s Yachty so what were we thinking.