Livv Megan – “Fallin” (Single)

livv Megan

California singer/songwriter Livv Megan just released her latest single “Fallin“. Born and raised in LA, Livv has always been around music but it wasn’t until recently that she started creating her own. Now, she is a full-time singer, songwriter, producer and musician. Her new release “Fallin” is a chill, yet high-energy pop ballad boasting wide kicks, claps and reverb. The chorus is definitely the most impressive aspect of the song, containing multiple vocal tracks that are layered expertly to harmonize in an extremely unique and satisfying way. Livv showcases her vocal skills wonderfully as she passionately relays the struggle of falling in and out of love. The song is perfect for various different moods, but is especially reminiscent of summer days on the beach. Livv proves to have a lot of talent, personality and potential as she taps into her vulnerability to bring us her latest release.

Check out “Fallin” along with some of Livv’s other recent releases below:

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