Lonny Love Has New York Going Crazy With His Project “Hoechella”

HOECHELLA de Lonny Love en Amazon Music Unlimited

Lonny Love comes from the same camp as Cash Cobain, but you can’t look at Lonny like a little bro. He’s making his own style of music while pushing the quintessential feeling of drill. Hoechella is a hilarious name for a project, but it creates energy or a pre-conceived notion about the subject matter before the first listen. And to be honest, fourteen songs is a lot for a rising artist to drop, but don’t trip, all of these hit heavy.

With the only help on here from Chow Lee and Cash Cobain, you have a real chance to get to know Lonny and how he moves from an auditory standpoint. A lot of this music is geared toward the ladies, but this is the summer of the sexy R&B flips. “Who U Fucked?” is a simple, yet ever-so-complicated question, but has the potential for a smash. “Booka” is a great change of pace, playing off distortion and some dancehall waves. “Moment Freestyle” is a high-paced street race that I think even Nikki would love.

The duo of Chow and Lonny will soon be known throughout all of the mainstream, they just need that breakthrough hit. And really from start to finish, this project is about having as much fun as possible while fueled by whatever substances you choose to consume. Hoechella is a blast, dive into it all below.