Lucas’ New Video For “Caprisun” Is Just Another Notch In The Belt

This man is rebuilding from the bottom and he’s not daunted by the task at hand. Instead it’s quite opposite, he’s chomping at the bit, for the opportunity to win your ear. Yes, Lucas knows that it’s not easy to grab attention and hold it, but we think if you tap in, you’d be pleasantly surprised. On “Caprisun”, another video directed by John Luna and Free Honeyy, this continues the love triangle that’s at hand. In his most recent release “Zizou” you see a rivalry between Lucas and the Pizza man, but it’s all because of a girl in between them.

Classic conundrum, but still the way they present the storyline exceeds what the competition brings to the table. This is a bit more of a vivacious bounce than the last, but the variety of styles makes for a new fanbase to tap in. Bright colors, bright sounds, and a sight for the landscape of modern music to take notes on.

Rising artists like these are interesting to follow because their growth determines how long a lot of them play the game. You can feel and hear that Lucas is committed so it’s all about where he wants to take it. Until the next, get hip to a soon-to-be great in the game.