Lucas’ New Video For “Zizou” Is A Must See

This kid came completely out of left field but hey we’re glad it stumbled onto our pages. Simply, Lucas, might be one of the best rising artists that you’ve never heard of. In this video for “Zizou” we see him and the gang bask in the sunlight of Florida. Though we aren’t familiar with his work before this, there’s something incredibly warm about his approach to music.

The cadence is staggering within a braggadocious tone, but playful in the same light. We hear an auditory high step to the endzone on this one from start to finish. The gentle croons of the chorus pitter-patter across your mind all day and the frames only sweeten the deal. There seems to be some sort of rivalry between the pizza delivery man and our protagonist. Though whatever it is, leaves some room for a sequel of sorts in the near future.

Overall what we’ve seen from this man is astounding considering it’s one of his first real drops. The tone has been set, but from the confidence that we’ve seen here, it’s only moving on an upward trajectory. Winning a new fan a day should be the mission for a rising act and Lucas did just that, peep this one below.