Malone the Chemist – “Malonetime” (Single)

Ontario-based rapper/producer Malone the Chemist just dropped off his latest single “Malonetime“. The intricately laced instrumental is a perfect vibe for Malone, so it’s no wonder he made it himself. The mix is also crafted with expertise and allows for an extremely euphoric listen. His raw talent and ear for music is undeniable. Displaying his versatility while utilizing several flows, Malone presents us with a track that is both psychedelic and cohesive.

Whether he’s rapping or singing, Malone provides well-thought out lyrics to perfectly compliment the spaced-out instrumental. His originality is blatant in his production and mix; through his use of transitions and switch ups, he successfully takes us on a rollercoaster of vibes. While mixing elements of psychedelic rock, boom bap and trap, Malone delivers a truly unique listening experience for his fans; be on the look out for Malone the Chemist as he continues to experiment with his sound!

Check out his new release here!

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