Marco Plus Delivers Greatness With His New Project “Tha Soufside Villain LP”

Let’s be honest, a lot of traditional styles of rap seem to bore me and the youth. But in the case of Marco Plus, you hear nothing but honesty and tales of his life. Genuine authenticity differentiates this guy from the pack; you’ll see what we mean in just fourteen cuts. If you’re not hip to this man, it’s about time to turn things around because the ship is leaving the harbor.

Tha Soufside Villain LP consists of features from Kenny Mason, Grip, Deanté Hitchcock, Jiggs, Kenneth Cash, BVTy, and Que Cray. Though there are some stellar guest appearances, you aren’t steered away from the main subject at hand.

“I have people in the Southside countin on me and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get me where I need to be. If that makes me seen as the villain, I’m fine with that.” – Marco Plus

The sheer focus and hunger to be the best is what Marco is after. With cuts like “White Rabbit Freestyle” and “How Ironic” you are seeing these talents firsthand. “Maybe You Don’t” is another example of Marco‘s cadence that feels like organized chaos, though only he can tame the dragon. You shouldn’t be surprised when the name Marco Plus rings bells because he’s going to be a real player in this game for a while. Get hip to one of the brightest stars from Atlanta.