Meet Obai AKA the songbird of the underground

The talent within the current underground scene is at an all-time high and that is exactly why so many artists seemingly pop off out of nowhere. So many artists today seem to possess a variety of unique skills that make for extremely versatile catalogs.

One up-and-coming musician who touches both the hip-hop and R&B realm and carries an abundance of musical flair is Obai. The young talent has been generating plenty of buzz around his name due to his pristine singing abilities and elite vocal range. Although in the early stages of what is sure to be an extremely successful career, his unique sound and comfortability behind the mic are similar to someone of veteran status.

While Obai’s discography isn’t overloaded with an abundance of tracks — less is truly more in this situation, as his discography is extremely impressive. In all of his songs, Obai displays his piercing vocals and ability to effortlessly sing in a high falsetto. With so much raw musical talent and a voice as pure as gold, the opportunities are truly endless for this young star in the making. Check out his music below!