Meet rising underground artist Djembe

Do you ever hear an artist you immediately connect with and wonder why you are now just discovering them? Because same. Just this past week I was browsing through SoundCloud in hopes of discovering some new music when I came across an unfamiliar sound that contained pristine vocals and an impressive melodic flow by the name of Djembe.

To quickly sum up Djembe for those unaware of his work – he is a hidden underground gem. From his ability to create addicting melodies, to his sing-rap flow, to the quality of his songs – he truly possesses all qualities necessary to rise out of the underground.

The Maryland native has been consistently delivering quality tracks to his SoundCloud, streaming platforms, and has been collaborating with a variety of underground acts for quite some time now. However, just recently, the young talent teamed up with Grammy-Award Winning Producer Based1 for their track “Shooting Star.”

His distinctive sound, elite flow and consistency to deliver high-caliber songs have lead listeners to compare him to the TheKidLaroi – which for any artist, is an extremely large compliment.

While still in the early phases of his young but exciting career, Djembe is on pace to become something truly special. He may not be a household name at the moment but fans from all over will soon know his name once they hear his rare musical skills and elite artistic abilities that are hard to come across nowadays.

Check out his music below!